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Friday Fan Art – I.O.U. #2

August 21, 2009

This week I complete another I.O.U. for one of my art-buddies, Dan Yaccarino, who contributed on the upcoming Spiderwick Chronicles Completely Fantastical Edition.

As I mentioned before, there is an all-star artist’s gallery in this bound Spiderwick collection, and I’ve been fortunate to have received a few of the original pieces as gifts (um…awesome!). Never one to take anything for granted, I’ve been slooowly returning the favor.

So, here is my rendition of Dan’s beloved character, Oswald the Octopus. I hope you like him:


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Never Abandon Imagination Tony DiTerlizzi: Never abandon imagination.

Imagination is a world of possibility that exists within each of us. It is what makes us uniquely human. It is our creative fingerprint that touches and influences the world around us. Imagination is essential to art and science; to innovation and prosperity. It gives us hope, calls us to action and leads to change.

Whether it’s fairies, dragons, robots or aliens, all of my children’s book characters are siblings born of my imagination – an imagination strengthened through years of encouragement from family, teachers and friends. While so many others abandoned it during their transition from childhood to adulthood, I fiercely held onto mine, hoping for a day when I could share it to inspire the next generation of dreamers. Innovators. World changers.

Imagination empowers us to envision and create a reality of what could be. We must hold it dear, foster it and never abandon it.