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New Scans of Old Art

June 16, 2011

We’ve returned to our home in Amherst this week and I am happy to be back in New England. I’ve handed in the first draft of the second WondLa book and will be starting the jacket art very soon. Yay!

Preparing a Paperback WondLa

May 3, 2011

Although it is not out until early next year, DiTerlizziland has been in a twitter for The Search for WondLa as a paperback edition. We decided to redesign the jacket for the paperback, a process similar to one that I’ve gone through before with Spiderwick. For WondLa, it was a chance to capture the mood …

iSpeak some iThoughts on an iPad Friday Fan Art

March 4, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a couple of wonderful watercolor renditions of a Spiderwick nixie and mermaid from Mason. Shortly thereafter, we received a follow up piece from him that, I think, is much stronger. The difference: he created this on his iPad. Wow. Normally I would move onto another submission of fan …

TD does DAT

February 21, 2011

About a month ago I posted a bunch of old Dungeons & Dragons art from the early part of my career on my facebook page, (which were well received to my utter delight). As I scanned the dingy drawings, I realized that some were pushing 20 years old already…yikes! This was on the heels of …

WondLa Two

February 17, 2011

I took a coffee break this afternoon and walked back into my Florida office to see this perfect still life. It reminded me that I should announce that the second installment of the WondLa trilogy is well on its way. When I started outlining The Search for WondLa, I planned what I hoped to be …

You know, I am BIG in Asia…sort of.

January 24, 2011

(This was one I totally spaced out and forgot to post from awhile ago. I was reminded of it when I came across the files on my computer). Design Popular Imagination magazine (or DPI, for short) based in Taiwan, China, did a nice interview on yours truly last year. For those interested, the jpegs here …

Back in 1982…no wait, 1992…

December 8, 2010

Jon Schindehette, the Creative Art Director for Dungeons & Dragons at Wizards of the Coast, invited me to participate in his “How I Made it” series over at his blog in hopes that my story may offer up some seeds of inspiration for up-and-coming fantasy artists. In fact, I found his blog to be INCREDIBLY …

Bookie-Woogie Interview

July 5, 2010

Fellow illustrator Aaron Zenz and his hilarious kids ask all the right questions at his Bookie-Woogie blog. Enjoy!

Coffee and Sippy Cups

April 24, 2010

One of my favorite morning activities with my daughter, Sophia, is drawing and coloring. We’ve drawn and colored all sorts of subjects. We’ve illustrated favorite nursery rhymes: …getting dinner at a well-known restaurant… …and even rendered other fun 2 1/2 year-old activities. You know, like bubble-popping. In fact, I now let her tell me what …

Updated FAQs

February 23, 2010

Doing a school report titled “Your Favoritist Book Creator of All Time”? When is your college term paper on “The Most Stupendous Writer-Artist-Guy of the 21st Century?” due? Perhaps you want to break into the industry of making books for kids…or perhaps you just need to know more about me than my own parents. Whatever …

Seven Impossible Things Interview

October 27, 2009

I know its been a little quiet here on the blog front. That would be because I am locked down in my Florida office, knee-deep in writing the second draft of my next novel, The Search for WondLa, which will be out next fall (For those of you who attended an event during the “Spiderwick …

Friday Fan Art (I.O.U. #1)

May 8, 2009

TGIF! What a week in DiTerlizziland! I have been up to my eyeballs in creating the artwork for the Spiderwick finale, The Wyrm King. As I continue my drawing/inking warm-ups for each day’s session, I have been rendering some fun stuff that is looong overdue to some of my friends – including this pen & …

Back in the Saddle Again (Again)

May 1, 2009

This week I did, in fact, sketch a whole lot more. However, I found myself working on characters and scenes from my new novel…and I am not quite ready to unveil that world just yet…so you’ll have to wait a bit before I share those sketches. But I broke out the pen and inks (and …

Back in the Saddle

April 23, 2009

I realize I’ve been doing a lot of writing, designing, plotting, and even a little art-directing lately. But the one thing I haven’t done a lot of is some serious drawing. As I warm up to begin the interior art for the last Spiderwick book, The Wyrm King, I blow the dust off of some …

Repackaging Spiderwick (part 3)

April 18, 2009

This week I enter the home stretch on my journey of searching for the strongest jacket image to represent the new package design for the first-ever collection of The Spiderwick Chronicles books. After viewing John Lind’s design for the Spiderwick exhibit program from last year, I began exploring a simple illustration from the book that …

Repackaging Spiderwick (part 2)

April 10, 2009

My quest for a successful cover to the upcoming Spiderwick collection continues with a brief exploration into Art Nouveau. The Spiderwick art is actually influenced by this artistic movement, especially the notion of nature’s spirit (the fey-folk) twisting its writhing tendrils around mankind. These two explorations were my attempt at making Spiderwick feel more classic …

Repackaging Spiderwick (part 1)

March 23, 2009

I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of process that I usually don’t discuss much, which is the design work that goes into a book’s jacket. As an illustrator, my focus is often set on creating a quintessential image to capture the story within. Oftentimes, good design and typography can do …

Wyrm King Cover

March 18, 2009

I am excited to unveil the cover to the third, and final, Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles book. This is also the grand finale to my favorite faerie series. This arrangement, of a character facing off with another, is a composition I’ve used throughout all of the Spiderwick books starting with book 1. I thought it …

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Never Abandon Imagination Tony DiTerlizzi: Never abandon imagination.

Imagination is a world of possibility that exists within each of us. It is what makes us uniquely human. It is our creative fingerprint that touches and influences the world around us. Imagination is essential to art and science; to innovation and prosperity. It gives us hope, calls us to action and leads to change.

Whether it’s fairies, dragons, robots or aliens, all of my children’s book characters are siblings born of my imagination – an imagination strengthened through years of encouragement from family, teachers and friends. While so many others abandoned it during their transition from childhood to adulthood, I fiercely held onto mine, hoping for a day when I could share it to inspire the next generation of dreamers. Innovators. World changers.

Imagination empowers us to envision and create a reality of what could be. We must hold it dear, foster it and never abandon it.