School Library Journal: WONDLAFUL!

Connie Tyrrell Burns, of Mahoney Middle School in South Portland, Maine write a fabulous starred review of The Search for WondLa in the current issue of School Library Journal. Here is my fav part:

The abundant illustrations, drawn in a flat, two-tone style, are lush and enhance readers’ understanding of this unique universe. In addition, augmented reality is used in three places. By holding up the page from the book to a webcam, an interactive map appears on the screen. Readers can watch as the landscape where Eva Nine is traveling unfolds. DiTerlizzi is pushing the envelope in his latest work, nearly creating a new format that combines a traditional novel with a graphic novel and with the interactivity of the computer. Yet, beneath this impressive package lies a theme readers will easily relate to: the need to belong, to connect, to figure out one’s place in the world. The novel’s ending is a stunning shocker that will leave kids frantically awaiting the next installment.

She got it! She really got it. Yeeessss!

If that was not enough, Debra Lau Whelan did a lengthy interview with yours truly discussing the origin of WondLa, the sequel books, and the developing movie at Paramount Pictures. Please to enjoy!

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