October 6, 2009 in Books

Adventure of Meno!




“A preschool epic so polished that it looks untouched by human hands…Children will greet this with giggles.” – Publishers Weekly

“Meno is an endearing little boy joined by a jellyfish friend named Yamagoo. Together they enjoy simple yet sweet adventures young readers will love. We adore the bright and gleeful illustrations.” – Scholastic Parent & Child magazine

“These books (priced at not much more than greeting cards) make a wry gift for new parents with an offbeat sense of humor, comic fans who can appreciate the pacing and palette, and yes, toddlers who will enjoy the nonsensical words and logic.” – Jennifer M. Brown, Shelf Awareness

“A new series of titles for the wee’est of children, called Adventure of Meno. These books, which make me laugh…mark somewhat of a departure in style for him…It’s all good fun. Er, big fun, as Meno would say.” – Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

“I wish Meno had arrived ten years ago when my bookworm was little! Meno’s sweet, funny and nostalgic adventures are filled with campy humor and retro art making them appealing to adults as well as little people. When you are reading books to your little bookworm, it helps to be as charmed as they are.”–  Mrs. Nelson’s Toy & Book Shop Weekly Newsletter

“It’s amazing how some children’s books can be so seemingly simple, yet stand apart from the rest. Tony and Angela DiTerlizzi keep the story cute and simple, with illustrations that are drawn in a slightly retro style that mirrors current designer toys. Meno is heading toward a future of toys, TV and more.” – Giant Robot magazine

“Meno has great ideas for fun, some that you might not necessarily agree with but then, this means that you probably need to lighten up a bit. Cause remember, sometimes the best picture books make you laugh. These are perfectly sized for the tiniest of hands and visually engaging (“presented in vibrant Meno-Color!”) for eyeballs of all ages.” – Diane, Little Shop of Stories, Georgia

“Wake up America, Meno has landed! My son loves these books with a passion usually reserved for dinosaurs and teddy bears. The language is fun and captures the nonsensical humor of a child at play. DiTerlizzi’s illustrations are bold and Raygun Gothic, capturing the 50’s era vision of the future.” – Topher Bradfield, Book People, Austin, TX

“I just wanted to say how much I love, love, love and ADORE Meno and his little friends! These must the most fun books to read aloud ever, and the fun is contagious. I have read my F&G to several folks of all ages and always get lots of laughs. I cannot wait to handsell this during book talks this holiday season. Everyone will want BOTH. Thanks for publishing MENO!” – Susan Kunhardt, Book Passage, San Francisco, CA


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