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Summer Tour Dates

Yay! I’ve got confirmation on my late August tour dates for Kenny and the Dragon. I’ll be traveling through the southern US with stops in Tennessee, Mississippi, New Orleans and Georgia.

Sunday, August 24
2:00 PM
2774 N. Germantown Parkway
Memphis, TN 38133

Monday, August 25
4:00 PM
387 Perkins Rd. Extended
Memphis, TN 38117

Tuesday, August 26
5:00 PM
160 Courthouse Square
Oxford, MS 38655

Wednesday, August 27
202 Banner Hall
4465 I55 North
Jackson, MS 39206

Thursday, August 28
503 Octavia St
New Orleans, LA 70115

August 29-31
Decatur, Georgia

Sunday, August 31
2:00 PM
7660 North Point Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30022

My second leg this October will include: San Diego, Los Angeles, San Fran, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver.

All details (including links) and dates will be added to the ABOUT section of the site. So check back often, and I hope to see you there!


Box full of dreams

Anyone remember the scene at the end of Back to the Future when Marty McFly’s dad, George, becomes a famous sci-fi writer and opens the box full of his latest novels? That is totally what it is like when you get your complimentary books from the publisher (without the Delorean).

Box full o’ KENNY!

My editor, Kevin, is totally cool and will often send me his only advance copy fresh from the printer. This can be months (or even a year) before the book is released. One of Simon & Schuster’s VPs, Rubin, hand-delivered the first and only copy of Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to me from New York City! (Okay, he was on his way to visit his son in Boston, but it was so awesome! And Ang cooked a great meal to celebrate.)

First copy of ASFG - 2004

I get so excited because I really like to draw, and I really like to spin a yarn, but I LOVE making books. I love the size of them in your hand, the paper texture, the printing effects on the cover, and the smell of the ink (yes, I smelled dittos when I was a kid – this was destiny my friends). My favorite feeling of all, though, is sitting alone on the couch with a cup of coffee, or in bed right before sleep, and immersing myself in the story presented in those bound pages with a little bit of ink printed upon them. It is true magic for me. (click the thumbnails for a bigger view):

“Kenny & the Dragon” spread

And I want to share some of this excitement with you. I have been so inspired seeing what everyone has done with the “Spiderwick Drawin’ Contest” that I want to keep that creativity going. So, next week, I will announce a “Design Your Own Dragon” contest and will give away some of my own fresh-off-the-press copies of Kenny & the Dragon…stay tuned!

“Kenny & the Dragon” spread

“Kenny & the Dragon” spread


Friday Fan Art- Spiderwick DVD Drawin' Contest WINNERS!

Once again THANK YOU all for entering on such a short notice. The competition was stiff with over 70 entries from all over the world! Angela and I judged on what wowed us through creativity, originality and technical skill. We had entries from all age ranges – from pre-schoolers to professional artists – and we were both truly touched by the time spent by all of you on participating.

But enough yammering, onto the winners!

Six-year old Ivy sent us several entries of her interpretations of some of the fantastic creatures in Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide. We couldn’t figure out if we liked her posing with the will-o-wisp drawing, or her manticore more, so here are both of these great renderings from a young promising talent.

Ivy with Will-O-Wisp

Ivy’s Manticore

Nine-year old Isaac also sent us his renditions of the fantastic creatures, but explored them stylistically by rendering them in different mediums(!) We liked his collage phoenix and pastel wood elf the best.

Isaac’s Wood Elf

Isaac’s Phoenix

Annie, from nearby Northampton Mass., sent us this killer rendition of all her favorite characters and scenes. We really liked the anime influence on the kids.

Annie’s Spiderwick

Twelve-year old Margaret love, love, LOVES Hogsqueal! She sent us several scenes of her own invention involving my favorite hobgoblin, but it was this one from one of the General Mills “Lost Chapter” books that wowed us.

Margaret’s Hoggy

We received a number of wonderful pieces from young, up-and-coming professional artists. But Monika’s moody rendition of Mallory really captured the complexities of the heroine. Ang and I really felt her attachment to the character.

Monika’s Mallory

Our grand prize winner understood the spirit of Spiderwick and what my goal was with these books. Wen, from Costa Rica, sent in this luscious image of a tropical pixie that he recorded along with some great notations: “I present to you one of our endemic pixies, Aerisemen Spp….as you probably know, Costa Rica is part of the tropics, hence full of luscious rain forests that possess a wondrous biodiversity of flora, fauna and faery folk. Just like other pixies, ours mimic flowers and plants in their environment(s), but are characterized by a strong preference for exuberant adornment and most are much more ceremonial than their continental counterparts. Concerned with the cycle of life, a South American pixie will carry symbols of fertility, adopt forms from the reproductive parts of plants and seem to be most active during the transition period from the dry season to the rainy season. “

Wen’s Pixie

Seriously, how cool is that?

Congratulations to all of our Spiderwick DVD winners! Please confirm your mailing address by dropping a line to Angela at:

Next Friday we will post some of the runner’s up and personal favs, which I will send some goodies too as well…stay tuned, and thanks again for all of your support!

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Friday Fan Art- Spiderwick DVD Drawin' Contest

Hello All!

I just got back from the Post Office to pick up the remaining entries and “The Spiderwick DVD Drawin’ Contest” is officially closed. I can tell you Ang and I were BLOWN AWAY by the amount of entries and the awesomeness of the drawings as well! You guys ROCKED IT!

Angela, my faithful assistant Will, and yours truly will judge the entries this afternoon and post the winners tonight…stay tuned!


Spiderwick DVD Drawin’ Contest!

Get your pencils, paints, markers and paper! I have (in hand) six copies of The Spiderwick Chronicles 2-disc special edition DVD ready to give to you, dear fans!

All you have to do is send me a drawing of your favorite character, creature, scene, (or illustrator) from any of the Spiderwick books for an upcoming special edition of “Friday Fan Art” right here on this blog.

Send your entries to:

Tony DiTerlizzi
Spiderwick DVD Drawin’ Contest
P.O. Box 442
Amherst, MA 01004

I need your entries by JUNE 27th, 2008.

You may also scan and email your image as well. Please title your subject heading as “Spiderwick DVD Drawin’ Contest” and send it to Ang at:

You can enter as many times as you’d like. I will judge your entries based on originality, creativity, and technical skill.

Winners will be announced and posted in the “Friday Fan Art” section of my blog on June 27th. I will award 5 prizes of the DVD, and a grand prize of the DVD and Spiderwick trunk boxed set. All items have been signed by Holly and I.

Good Luck!


A Daily Jaunt Through the Planes (Farewell)

As the week ends, I find myself back at the beginning of my work for the role-playing game, Planescape. The first color illustration you see in the Player’s Guide, found in the original campaign setting, is of a halfling showing his adventuring companion how to make the portal to another plane open.

Portal from “The Planescape Player’s Guide”

So I thought it would be fitting to redraw this one from 1994. It was one of the first finished images that I created for the line.

“Portal” drawn today

Ang and I went to see Sting in concert down in Florida during the time that I was working on Planescape, and I remember that I really liked how he had reinterpreted his old Police songs. It showed that the music was original and could be played in many variations but still be the same tune. I have felt that in redrawing and sharing some of this early work of mine has been like that – there were obvious technical advances on my part as an artist over the years, but the design ideas and imagination that went into the imagery for this game still held up over a decade later…and I am proud to have been a part of it.


Friday Fan Art!

Yeah, its Sunday, but I have been SO BUSY with the Spiderwick’s Giant Problem art, that I haven’t had much free time. (And I’ll wrap up my trip down “Planescape memory lane” today or tomorrow too).

Anyways, we got a photo of this really cool model of the Stray Sod from Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide from Manuela in Germany. It was made out of suede(!)

Stray (suede) Sod by Manuela

I love seeing my work transformed into three-dimensions, I think because that’s how I see it in my head. So thank you Manuela, this is awesome!


A Daily Jaunt Through the Planes (Pit Fiend)

Dante’s Fiend

Planescape’s underworld was, of course, modeled after Inferno in Dante’s Divine Comedy. I haven’t read that book since college, but a good pal of mine sent me a newly translated version last year – and I am finally starting to read it. Written a little more…”cleaner”, this version still retains the poetic verse and I’ve enjoyed it so far.

Anyways, here’s Dante out on a solo adventure speaking with a pit fiend…I think he’s asking where a good restaurant might be.