Fabulous Folded Friday Fan Art

I’ve been a fan of paperfolding since my mom bought a copy of Robert Harbin’s Secrets of Origami back in the 70’s.


After I would wear out my paper toys of cranes and rabbits, I would pester my mom to make me new ones. Finally, she told me to read the instructions and learn to make them myself. I folded for many years throughout my childhood and found the hobby highly relaxing. I even made some of my own paper (from tissue and tin foil) in high school so that my paper models would hold their form.


So imagine the paper-folding pleasure that greeted me when origami master, Joesph Wu, sent me a note asking about the details of of my 1994 rendition of Planescape’s Lady of Pain.


Joseph’s work is not new to me. I marveled at his manipulation of paper years ago when I saw his origami D&D denizens.


This model utilizes two squares of paper; one for the head another for the body.


On top of that, he folded the “Pacific Sea-Maid” from Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide!


Thank you for contacting me, Joseph, and for sharing your fantastic folding talents with us.


Be sure to check out Joseph’s facebook page. You can see more pics of these models in progress as well as an additional, larger version of the Lady of Pain.

Keep drawing. Keep dreaming.

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