DiTerlizzi Masterworks Miniature Line Now Available!

Dark Sword Miniatures has released all the figurines in the “DiTerlizzi Masterworks” line just in time for the holidays!


As I mentioned earlier this year, these figures were inspired by both new and old unpublished drawings – although some have since been featured in Realms. Longtime fans may also recognize some personalities from my Player Character Sheets, which debuted at Gen Con back in 2000 and were redesigned and re-released this year. Here is Dark Sword owner, Jim Ludwig, and I talking about the line (and being silly):

Below are some photos of some of my favorite figures (painted by Jessica Rich and Aaron Lovejoy).

4601_f1_pHans the Loner, human rogue.

4620_f1_pAri, the birdman (or kenku)

4611_f1_pAsh Firefeather, elven mage.

4605_f1_pThe Herbalist, human druid.

4622_fs_pYip, the kobold.

4614_f2_pElle Lind, human paladin.

4606_fs_pGrolsch, dwarven warrior.

4626_fs_pGrug, goblin warrior.

4629_f1_pHobgoblin warrior of the Sutherlands.

4630_f1_pOrc of the Otus clan.


…and my lovely model for “Portrait of a Young Tielfling” with her pet couerls (or displacer beasts). The tiefling and many more miniatures are available in select hobby shops or direct from Dark Sword Miniatures. Jim and his team have been busy working away on some larger spectacular new pieces that will be revealed very soon, so check back for more news…

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