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Spider & Fly


Happy New Year!

I know the site looks like a ghost town. I haven’t updated it in almost a year. Fear not, I am in the process of a new design for the site which I am planning on relaunching very soon. In the meantime, I do have some newsy bits I’d love to share:

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(A Trick-or-Treat) Friday Fan Art

I do hope this Friday finds many of you still enjoying Wednesday’s haul of Halloween booty. For our friends in the Tri-state area, I hope you are safe and recovering from that dreadful storm.

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This Geekdad's Top 10 Creepy Kid's Books

Wired magazine’s Geekdad blog features a list of some of my favorite spooky stories for kids. Check it out. Read more


A Decade of Web-Weaving (Part II)

As I mentioned back in February, This fall marks the 10-year anniversary of my picture book adaptation of Mary Howitt’s classic poem, The Spider & The Fly. Read more


(A Poetic) Friday Fan Art

11 year-old Abby from Clapham, England is quite a fan of The Spider & The Fly. “How big of a fan?” you ask. She’s such an awesome fan that she penned an awesome sequel. Check it out.

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A (Fey-riffic) Friday Fan Art

Herb Leonhard is a fantasy illustrator whom I was introduced to years ago when I contributed an image for Tori Amos’ RAINN calendar.

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A Decade of Web-Weaving

Dear sweet creatures, while Hero for WondLa is off to the printer and binder, I have turned my attention to preparations for a very special birthday to be held later this year. 2012 marks the 10-year anniversary of my debut as a New York Times best seller, as well as receiving a Caldecott honor, for my adaptation of Mary Howitt’s 1829 poem, The Spider & The Fly.

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A Story a Day or I Just Can't Play

While touring through the UK last month, I became aware of a wonderful British children’s television series called Bookaboo. Its about a rock-star drumming dog named Bookaboo (who clearly is inspired by Bret Michael’s headwear). Bookaboo won’t play for his band until he is read a picture book – preferably by a celebrity visiting him backstage before the show (Hey, some bands want blue M&M’s, others…). Hence, Bookaboo has a catch phrase, “A story a day or I just can’t play.” Read more