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New Interview with Tony & Ang

A couple months back, at the International Reader’s Association (IRA) conference, Angela and I were interviewed about the creation of our Adventure of Meno series, The Search for WondLa and Ang’s solo as a picture book author, Say What?

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Download some DiTerlizzi!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth of July. I took a weekend off from WondLa 2 and enjoyed some food, fireworks and finding fireflies. Also, I uploaded all sorts of DiTerlizzi-themed downloads to the site. If you read about each title under the BOOKS section, you’ll now find lots of cool FREE stuff, like audio samples from my various audio books (read by the likes of Mark Hamill, Alan Cumming, Andrew McCarthy and the lovely Teri Hatcher), as well as a plethora of coloring pages and activity sheets for use at home or in the classroom. Read more


Friday Art of Fan!

Our Florida neighbors dropped off a lovely sketch of my favorite space elf, done by a friend of their daughter’s.

I showed it to Meno and this was his response:

“I love color picture of Meno!

Thank you Earthling of name Diana.

I also work on pretty picture.

Please to enjoy Betty White!

Was to be in book the 2. But editor want The Hoff.

(Oh well. Win some and lose.)

Now Betty White everywhere. Who laugh now?”


Planet Meno update

Greetings Earthlings!

With the release of the next two Adventure of Meno books, Uh-Oh, Sick and Yummy Trip, we’ve updated the Meno website with more goodies, including get well e-cards that you can send to a friend. How cool is that?

If you aren’t familiar with the silly series that I created with my loverly wife, Angela, let me give you the shortest summaries possible:

Book 1: BIG FUN! Meno is a space elf whose best friend is a nearsighted farting jellyfish. Seriously. Meno thinks farts are the funniest thing in the universe…and  I do too.

Book 2: WET FRIEND! Yamagoo longs for the sea and Meno summons his wish-granting friend, Wishi to create a new wet friend. Will it be plankton? David Hasselhoff? Or a talking goldfish? Hmmmm.

Book 3: UH-OH, SICK! Meno gets a head cold. Somehow Eddie Vedder shows up and ends up sick in bed with Yamagoo and an Irish setter. I’m not kidding.

Book 4: YUMMY TRIP! Meno and company go on on a picnic. Yamagoo rides on a bowling ball and Meno rides a carrot scooter through a cloud-filled sky.

These books were designed to instill silly fun while reading at a young age. All four titles are now available at your local bookstore. Please to enjoy!


Snuggle up with MENO!

Happy Holidays Dear Readers of My Blog!

I hope 2009 was a fine year for you, despite its economical ups-and-downs and scary amounts of unemployment. During times like this, I am reminded that support from my fans and friends for my books affords my family a comfortable life allowing me to keep creating. So thank you.


Angela and I have been promoting our silly toddler book series, Adventure of Meno, with a whole slew of what I like to call “Crafty Mom Blogs”. I like these blogs greatly because:

A. My mom was (and still is) a crafty mom.

B. Ang and I both love doing a craft with our daughter, Sophia.


Ang found a wonderful local seamstress to create custom Meno cloud blankets which are being given away at various Crafty Mom Blogs. All you have to do is leave a comment on their post and you could win a blanket of your choice, PLUS a signed copy of Meno books 1 and 2! Below are some of the sites participating, more will be posted soon as these contests will run into January…

Booking Mama

Mom Fuse

Katydid and Kid

Ladybug Soup

She Scribes

Good luck Crafty Readers!


...and now for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

Today, October 6th, 2009, is a mile-marker my friends. I am hammering down a flag right now. Two flags, actually.

You see, it is the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next in the as-of-yet-published-ever-ongoing art book of DiTerlizzi. Today, in fine bookstores everywhere, is The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Completely Fantastical Edition which I mentioned on the site before. I don’t think I could be more proud of a Spiderwick book (okay, save for Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide) as it contains one heckuva lot of work from both Holly and I.

However, today I am also celebrating the launch of a new series and a new collaboration. A silly collaboration. A risky collaboration.


Risky, because it is a HUGE stylistic departure for me. The art here serves truly to simply be a component of the book as a whole. in the truest sense of a picture book, the art cannot fully tell the story without the accompanying text – which was created and written by my loverly wife, Angela, and yours truly.


I’ve put considerable thought into these seemingly simple books. Why do them? I’ve worked so hard to perfect my drawing skills, develop my writing style, and yet here it seems I’ve gone in another direction entirely.

When Ang and I met artist/genius Mark Ryden this summer at Comic con, I handed him a copy of Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide and a copy of Meno.

TD: “Here ya go Mark, these are for you.”

MR: “Thanks! Who did these?”

AD: “Tony did them. He did the art for both.”

MR: flipping through pages of Spiderwick, then Meno. “Wait. You did BOTH of these.”

AD: “He did.”

TD: “Yup. I’m a bit schizophrenic.”

…now that I think back on it, that’s not the term I should have used. What I should of said was, “Yup. I’m constantly exploring. Evolving. Changing. Both as an artist and as a storyteller.” But I was nervous and giddy – all the things one feels when you are meeting someone you have admired from afar.


Adventure of Meno was born of our love of making people laugh. Ang and I created these stories without a big fancy book deal. We created them simply because we thought they would be fun to do – and they were. In fact, we had had so much fun that we were simply going to self-publish them and give them away to friends and family. But the fine folks at Simon & Schuster thought we should unleash this silliness into the world. So here we are.

If you can get to a local bookstore today, this weekend, or in the coming months, give them a read (it will take a whopping 5 minutes). I hope, if anything, they create a little laughter with an adult and child. And I also hope they entertain. After all, isn’t that what sharing a book with kids all about?


PS – In the spirit of The Little Golden Books, Ang and I got S&S to charge as little as possible while still retaining good production quality. We arrived at $9.99 – much lower than the usual $15-16 of your average picture book.

PPS – Here’s a link to find Adventure of Meno at a local bookshop near you…

…here’s a link at Barnes & Noble

…and here’s a link to Amazon. Please to enjoy!


Countdown to Meno's Landing!



San Diego Comic Con this weekend!


I hope everyone attending Comic Con International this weekend is as excited as Angela and I. It is such an overwhelming representation of art, books, films, games and other fun stuff, that my head is spinning for days afterwards!

I’ve mentioned my schedule already, but here is a quick link to it again in case you missed it.

Also, Simon & Schuster will be giving all kinds of cool MENO giveaways like this collectible pin:


So stop by their booth(#1017) and say “Please to meet Meno!”

I hope you like the new books, Ang and I are super-excited to share Meno’s silliness with the world. You can see more tonight at when we launch with a sneaky-peek of the website.