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Jimmy Zangwow


1995: Bridging the Gap

A couple of weeks ago I cleaned out a storage closet here in the studio used primarily for holding shipping supplies. Back in the farthest corner, I came across a box full of old framed art prints by Michael Parkes and Brian Froud that had once adorned our apartment (from way back when Ang and I were living in Florida). Amongst these old prints, I found some of my early spec work that I had created in hopes of bridging my illustration portfolio from role-playing games to children’s books. Read more


Out-of-this-World Friday Fan Art

I hope everyone in my neck of the woods is safely recovering from the early winter storm that decided a fun trick for Halloween would be ten feet of snow covering the ground. For us residents in western Massachusetts, Halloween will be celebrated tomorrow night…yeah, it was that bad here. Read more


Download some DiTerlizzi!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth of July. I took a weekend off from WondLa 2 and enjoyed some food, fireworks and finding fireflies. Also, I uploaded all sorts of DiTerlizzi-themed downloads to the site. If you read about each title under the BOOKS section, you’ll now find lots of cool FREE stuff, like audio samples from my various audio books (read by the likes of Mark Hamill, Alan Cumming, Andrew McCarthy and the lovely Teri Hatcher), as well as a plethora of coloring pages and activity sheets for use at home or in the classroom. Read more


New Scans of Old Art

We’ve returned to our home in Amherst this week and I am happy to be back in New England. I’ve handed in the first draft of the second WondLa book and will be starting the jacket art very soon. Yay! Read more


A Rumble-Grumble Friday Fan Art

I’ve been wanting to do a series of retrospective posts about breaking into the children’s publishing industry since 2010 marks a decade of yours truly having my books published. I had grand plans of comparing and contrasting what the market was like in 2000 vs. 2010 and what I know now that I didn’t know then, etc, etc.

I never got around to it because I have been so darn busy with The Search for WondLa – getting the first book finished, doing pre-pub press, going on tour, and (now) preparing for the start of the second book. A dream-come-true life for me. To say that the last ten years have been an amazing journey would be a gross understatement. But I am usually off onto the next project, only occasionally looking back to see what I’ve created throughout my life. (I suppose this is why an “Art of Tony D” book doesn’t exist. I want to wait and release it later in my life.) All of this reflection was brought perfectly into focus at the Miami Book Fair that I signed at just a few weeks ago.

Right in front of my line was 4 year-old Marina who handed me her rendition of the Grimblegrinder from my debut picture book, Jimmy Zangwow’s Out-of-this-World Moon Pie Adventure. She then handed me a carton of Moon Pies with “Thank You Tony” scrawled on the lid. I realized that the love and passion I put into creating my stories for kids comes through and I am validated each and every time I go out and do an event. I guess that’s the only anecdotal message I can relay, “If you love what you do, the world will respond in kind.” A bit cheesy, I know. But I believe it to be true.

Thanks for the kind gifts, Marina. Here are some old original sketches of the Grimblegrinder from 1997 that I dug up for you to see. This was when I was still trying to figure out what he looked like. Keep drawing. Keep dreaming.


Holiday Fun!

Way-back-when, when I had a little more free time on my hands, I would draw holiday versions of my characters around this time of year so that Ang and I could make cards, ornaments, tags, etc.

Jimmy Zangwow Holiday Ornaments

I was hoping to create some Kenny and the Dragon images to share this year, but I’ve been so darned busy with holiday stuff, book-making and being a dad that I just couldn’t get to it…hopefully I’ll get them finished next year.

But, in the meantime, here are direct links to the holiday images (with directions on how to make ornaments) from my first three books, Jimmy Zangwow, Ted and Spider & Fly…feel free to share them to make with your friends, family or in the classroom. Enjoy and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Jimmy Zangwow Holiday Ornaments pdf file

Ted Holiday Ornaments pdf file

Spider & Fly Holiday Ornaments

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Friday Fan Art

I don’t want to come across braggy when I say we’ve seen our share of cool DiTerlizzi-art-inspired tattoos…especially when we were attending Gencon on a regular basis. My sis, Jen, in fact has her share of tats that she’s collected over the years including a mermaid by her older bro.

Tattoo magazine, #222

Recently, Jen handed me an issue of “Tattoo” magazine (the Feb. ’08 issue to be exact) where there was an interview with a fellow named Brian. Brian clearly has a passion for art, as he is adorned with images drawn from Seuss, Dali, and yours truly. Feast your eyes on this out-of-this-world ink work:

Brian’s right legBrian’s right leg 2

Thanks for being such a tremendous fan Brian! I am flattered to be in such good company in your collection.

PS – Got any DiTerlizzi-inspired tats? Let me know and we’ll post them here on the blog…

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