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Star Wars Interviews

Patrick Day of the Los Angeles Times interviewed me while on the road promoting The Battle for WondLa last week.

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Sammy the Owl (Part II)

The creation of the logo for the Amherst public library was a feature article in our local paper, The Gazette.

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New Interview for Girl Scouts

I recently did a brief interview for the Girl Scouts of America with a focus on the creation of WondLa. Read more


TIME for KIDS Interview

Saniya Soni and I talked at length about the WondLa trilogy at Hicklebee’s during last month’s tour. Read more


LA Times Interview

Geoff Boucher, of the LA Times, asked me a few key questions on the challenges of writing the second book in a trilogy. See what I had to say over at the Hero Complex.


GeekDad Interview

Jonathan Liu, of Wired magazine, has posted an in-depth interview where we talk WondLa, reading, and being all around geeky dads. Take a look.


"Hero" Featured on CNN

Saturday (May 5th) I flew up to Atlanta and had the opportunity to talk all things WondLa with CNN’s Randi Kaye. Read more


You Know You're Getting Old When...

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of amazing experiences come to pass in my life as a result of my career in illustration. One that I suppose I wasn’t expecting until much later was a book about me. However, I was pleasantly surprised last year when Abdo Publishing Company, an educational publisher, added me to their ongoing Children’s Illustrator series which includes the likes of Chris Van Allsburg, Garth Williams and Brian Selznick. Read more