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KENNY Podcast now Online

Display riser for KENNY & THE DRAGON

From the Book Talk website: Stephen Usery talks to children’s book author and illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi (that’s me) about his chapter book Kenny & the Dragon. Good times, good times…


KENNY San Fran Tour Dates Postponed

Due to personal reasons, I’ve had to cut the California leg of my tour short and reschedule my San Francisco/Bay Area events. No one is more disappointed in this than me, and I promise I’ll get new dates set up as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support,


Friday Fan Art!

“Kenny Rabbit” by Leigh

Leigh has been a fan here on the blog for some time now, and it was great to get a chance to meet her and her sis, Ysabel, in person last month at the Decatur Book Festival.

Leigh sent us these awesome first fan-art drawings of Kenny and Grahame from my new book, Kenny and the Dragon!

“Kenny and Grahame” by Leigh

…and Ysabel sent us her rendition of on of my favorite dragons, Smaug.

“Smaug” by Ysabel

Thanks for these sketches ladies, keep on drawin!

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Friday Fan Art- Manga Madness

This week we received quite a treat: this amazing Spiderwick manga by our old friend Annie!

We try to feature young artists only once, (so that everyone gets a chance), but this was just so cool, such a labor of love, that we couldn’t keep it to ourselves!


It would be great to post all 70 pages, but I’d never get time to respond to all the fantastic fan mail that’s been arriving, so here’s just a sample from chapter four:


Keep drawing Annie! Keep your eyes peeled, we are going to send you something VERY special for this fabulous piece of fan work!


Special Event in Los Angeles Added to KENNY & THE DRAGON Tour

Display riser for KENNY & THE DRAGON

Storyopolis has added an event to the second leg of my Kenny and the Dragon tour in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 4th at the Geffen playhouse. This will be a morning event, part of their “Saturday Scene” program, and will feature a live band as well as yours truly.

Tickets are available at Storyopolis, or you can call 310-208-5454. I hope I see you there!


New Spiderwick Book!


The latest installment of Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles, A Giant Problem, is due out in stores tomorrow. You can find it in a store near you, or you can try Amazon (where you can buy this AND Kenny and the Dragon at a reduced price) or Barnes & Noble.

For our New York and New Jersey friends, Holly and I will be doing an event tomorrow night (Sept. 16th) at 6PM:

Essex Mall, 895 Bloomfield Avenue
West Caldwell, NJ 07006

Bring your books, we’ll sign them all! Seeya there!


Detritus (part 3)

My dive into my grade school years concludes with some bits-n-pieces of stuff from high school…

Tony D’s business card, 1986

Exhibit H: I really did have a business card in high school. And I really did want to be an illustrator. But I wasn’t one. Hey, a kid can dream…you never know what might happen.

Tony D’s high school ID

Exhibit I: my senior school ID. I went without glasses for a couple of years so I could “blend in”. I also practiced a crooked smile in the mirror ala Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis. It didn’t make me any cooler.

STUART NEWS Newspaper article with a teenaged, mula-winning Tony D

Exhibit J: By my senior year, I was entering all sorts of art competitions. Sometimes I’d place, sometimes I’d get overlooked and get nothing. This portrait of Pat Benatar won me some scholarship money. I loved drawing portraits of the rock-n-rollers back then as music was an integral part of my teenage life…and still is today.

This antique is called a record

Exhibit K: Speaking of Rock-n-Roll, I’ve spoken about the impact of beautifully designed and packaged albums before. And, though this was over 10 years old by the time I graduated in high school, this tri-fold presentation of Elton John’s 1974 classic, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, was just awesome. You had typeset lyrics matched with hand-rendered imagery.

Look! Its like a 12″ book of rock!

With my record player and headphones, I was lost in Elt’s falsetto harmonies and Ian Beck’s and David Larkham’s cool illustrations. Both of artists, of course, went on to illustrate popular children’s books.

authentic Mixed tape, 1988

Exhibit L: This time period in my life would not be complete without showing this – the liner card to a mixed-tape from my high school girlfriend. Though I haven’t talked her in years and years, people like her that came in and out of my life certainly help mold and prepare me for the next chapter in my story.

Old Tony with Polaroid of teen-age Tony

Like the art contests that I didn’t win, my failed relationships (I feel) toughened my skin and strengthened my resolve on that winding journey to success and happiness.


Friday Fan Art!

I’ve been traveling for the past few weeks hence the lack of FFA, but now that I am back in the studio, there is much to share!

Thimbletack by Andrea

Angela received this cool note from our new favorite felt-master, Andrea Graham:

I enjoyed reading the Spiderwick Chronicles aloud to my three boys and looked forward to the illustrations as we turned each page. I am an artist as well, a feltmaker. While all my work is original, I was moved to create a likeness of Thimbletack. I have attached 2 images of the piece. He is entirely sculpted from wool, no sewing, no painting. I hope you enjoy seeing him.

We totally do Andrea! He is really neat! Thanks for sending him along (remember, he likes just a bit of milk at night – otherwise he gets…moody). Keep up the fantastic fiber art.

Thimbletack and Lemondrop by Andrea