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Secrets inside A GIANT PROBLEM

I have been meaning to post this little bit of trivia since A Giant Problem came out last month, but have been so darn busy…anyways, here it ’tis.

I hide all kinds of stuff in the illustrations of my books. Sometimes its characters from other books – for instance, has anyone spotted Hogsqueal in Kenny and the Dragon yet? How about Possum from Alien & Possum? (hint: they are both in the same image)

Sometimes I intentionally repeat the composition of an image used previously. In fact, I do this a lot in the Spiderwick books. It creates a sense of visual rhythm, not unlike music score full of codas and reprises.

For example, here is a scene from the first Spiderwick book, The Field Guide, in which Jared and Simon explore Arthur Spiderwick’s secret study:

“Its so cool in here”

Here is the scene again, this time from the fifth book, The Wrath of Mulgarath, where Jared finds Arthur’s study destroyed. The intended purpose here is to initially give the reader a sense of discovery, right along with the heroes, as they find this hidden place…then feel the emotion later when the hero finds his sanctuary desecrated.

“Everything’s destroyed”

Now that you know this approach of mine, you’ll see plenty of it – especially in Wrath of Mulgarath. However, I’ve also started doing it in the Beyond the Spiderwick (BtSC) books to visually connect the two plots as they prepare to converge for the third and final book, The Wyrm King.

So, here’s our BtSC hero, Nick examining a keyring his stepsister, Laurie made:


…and here is Simon Grace examining a melted soldier from Thimbletack’s lair in the The Field Guide.


…pretty neat, huh? Also, I throw in things for my older fans. Take this image of Nick for example, here is trying to formulate a plan to deal with those pesky giants:


…and here is Magic The Gathering card from 1997 aptly titled, “Brainstorm”…I’m pretty sure Nick is a big Magic player.

“Brainstorm” from the deck, Mercadian Masks

My goal is that the readers do not notice these sorts of things, but (hopefully) feel the connectivity somehow when they see a visual that they may have seen somewhere before. Now, I wonder if you can find additional examples of it in the other Spiderwick books? get brainstorming…

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Friday Fan Art!


Here’s a great dragon from a young fan, Alex. I really like the scale diagram. There are lots of cool details in the description as well, for instance you can see the extra sharp claws on the front and back, so he can climb easily both ways – nice touch!

Keep drawin!

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Will you walk into my (Spooky) parlor?

In front of a Spideriffic bulletin board in Michigan, 2002.

Sweet creatures! My FAVORITE holiday, Halloween, is fast arriving and I look forward to decorating the house for all of the trick-or-treaters. So, I thought I’d blow the dust off of some old goodies I had made when The Spider & Fly made its debut back in 2002 and color them up with my little gal, Sophia.

Mr. Spider gets some color

These color-n-make wall hangers are lots of fun to do, and will add some nice insect spookiness to any parlor in your home. Here’s the darling Ms. Fly, and J.W. Cricket, that you can print out immediately and get to coloring:

“Color-n-Make” Ms. Fly “Color-n-Make” Mr. Cricket

You can download the rest of the arthropod cast on my main site under BOOKS.

Send me pics of your finished ones, and I’ll post them here on the blog for a special “Friday Fan Art”…heck, I may even drop some Spider & Fly goodness in the mailbox to ya…

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Kenny and the Dragon Tour pics

At Mrs. Nelson’s Toy & Book Shop

Ah, life on the road is mostly…well…road. Airplanes, taxis, trains, you name it – most of the time you are in transit going from one event to another. But once you arrive at the store (or school) and see the expecting faces, the road weariness washes away and the adrenaline takes over. Here are some of my fav moments from my recent Kenny and the Dragon tour…when I actually remembered I had a camera with me.

At Sun Records…thankyouverymuch!

Memphis, Tennessee was the starting point, and my hotel was dow the road from SUN records(!) I was very inspired seeing the modest start of Elvis’ legendary career. It reminded me of growing up in my little scrubby beach town of Jupiter, Florida with dreams of becoming a kids-book guy. Thankyouverymuch!

Drawin’ dragons

Here I am drawing for the kids at St. George’s School in Germantown, Tennessee. With a school name like that, I HAD to make a stop and share Kenny with the students.

T & Willy

Before my event at Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi, I had a chat with local literary legend, William Faulkner. He didn’t say much, just stared…

T at Sophie B

A total highlight on this tour was sharing Kenny with the students of Sophie B. Wright Charter School in New Orleans. Here I am with the school librarian and local author/volunteer Whitney.

T sweatin’ it

My first leg ended at the Decatur Book Festival near Atlanta, Georgia. Despite the 90+ degree weather, I still brought it fashion-wise. It may look like I am reading to the audience here, but I am actually about ready to drop from heat stroke.

Take that newbie!

Adam Rex, (one of the many fab authors attending the festival), and I battle over who will be remembered for Planescape, Magic cards and children’s books. He sucker-punched me after this photo was taken…then stole my glasses.

weird pose

…Here I am doing an interpretive dance to Kenny at Ms. Nelson’s in California.

Salamanders & sunscreen

And lastly, I ended each event with requests of drawings which were then given away for all who attended. I always thought that the Spiderwick salamanders could use a little sun screen…I sure could have in Georgia.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support me, it really validates why I do what I do.

PS-fear not San Francisco friends, I will make up those dates and see you early next year.

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Elton John is a cat and he LOVES to bake...

So, Marlo Thomas’ 1970’s philanthropic children’s bookbuster, Free to Be You and Me is celebrating its 35th anniversary.

Yours truly (along with many other contemporary illustrators) was asked to re-imagine and visually update some of the classic poems. Mine was the poem “Don’t Dress Your Cat in an Apron” by Dan Greenburg, penned in 1972. Its closing stanza of:

A person should wear what he wants to
And not just what other folks say.

…hit home with me as I love fashion and wearing funky, well-crafted clothing. Seriously, its one of the perks of being a professional artist: you can get a cool uniform if you want.

Its theme and its seventies-ish-ness origins, sparked the thought of my fav high-heeled, bespectacled rocker, Elton John. So off I went creating my image dubbed “Baker Kitty Elton”. I hope you like him.

Free to Be You and Me, version 2.0, is available in fine bookstores everywhere. Give it looky and wear whatever you like while doing so.


Friday Fan Art/Design Your Dragon! Epilogue

Yesterday Angela received a most awesome “thank you” email from Qing (aka “Mr. Cyan”) which I just had to share. You may remember Qing’s awesome entry from the “Design Your Dragon” contest held a couple of months back. And, after touring, press, etc., I was finally able to send him (and the rest of the winners) a signed/doodled first edition of Kenny & the Dragon (which is now in its fourth printing – wow).

Qing’s thank you note is amazing, and it also exemplifies some of the memorable experiences I had while on tour. I LOVE meeting my young readers and my Spiderwick fans, of course, I am always touched when someone slaps down an old Planescape book to be signed. Your gifts, kind thoughts, and well-wishes inspire me and give me pause to be thankful in allowing me to do what I do for a living

Qing’s comic page 1

Qing’s comic page 2

Qing’s comic page 3

 Thanks Qing, and everyone else who participated in the contest. We’ll be sure to do it again very soon!

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KENNY Podcast now Online

Display riser for KENNY & THE DRAGON

From the Book Talk website: Stephen Usery talks to children’s book author and illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi (that’s me) about his chapter book Kenny & the Dragon. Good times, good times…


KENNY San Fran Tour Dates Postponed

Due to personal reasons, I’ve had to cut the California leg of my tour short and reschedule my San Francisco/Bay Area events. No one is more disappointed in this than me, and I promise I’ll get new dates set up as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support,